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You do not need all the aggravation if the transaction goes wrong!

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Why Check?

Who are you buying from?

The true identity of the Seller - The owner of the web site is who you turn to if your purchase goes wrong.

Where are you buying from?

The location and country where the transaction takes place - Distance and time, language and legislation all can impede contacting and negotiating rectification.

What are the risks?

Whether goods arrive - are the services performed - What is the seller's business reputation?

The Internet Identity Report

You do not need all the aggravation if the transaction goes wrong!

You are relying on the seller to observe the rules and regulations relating to distance selling and credit card payments over the internet. This does not always happen!

The Internet Identity Report enables you to ascertain the name and address of the owner of the business and from where the website is run.

The information will help you to assess whether to accept the risks of dealing with the owner by providing:

  • The true identity of the owner
  • The location and country where the transaction is taking place
  • Debit card transactions are not protected by the Consumer Credit Act
  • Corporate and business credit cards are also not protected under the Consumer Credit Act

Your rights under the UK Credit Card protection legislation only work if:

  • The value of the Credit Card transaction is more than £100 and less than £30,000.
  • The business at the distant end of the transaction falls within the provisions of the UK laws and that they will uphold them.
  • The business is outside the UK the laws may not apply similarly if there is any element of fraud or other illegitimate activity. It is better to be reasonably assured that the transaction will proceed as expected than to risk being put into the position of having to make a claim should it fail.

More information on the legislation and further action available will be given at the end of the report.

We would like to hear from users their experience in using the program and whether they consider it to be useful to them. We will look at any suggestions that we receive and post comments where applicable on this web site. Please send your comments and suggestions to:

How to use this Information

The domain name owner is the person or legal entity from whom recourse can be obtained should problems arise.

If you are proposing to deal with a business established in your country any problems that may arise are likely to be easier to resolve than elsewhere. Such problems can be compounded by language, legal systems and timescales.

If your search using this report does not yield the name of the domain name owner, which does happen from time to time, should problems arise you may have no indication of who is legally responsible.

What the Press says about your rights

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