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About Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware is a free web site aimed at reducing the risks when buying online.

The Financial Ombudsman Service in their annual review of 2009/2010 noted that they had received 18,396 credit card complaints, only down by 194 from the previous year.

They do not give a detailed breakdown of the number of these complaints that dealt with buying goods and services on the Internet but, we believe, the number is significant. The case studies we include on this site, and those where we give links to other sources indicate that a wide range of transactions are involved.

When you are buying goods and services on the Internet use this quick and simple web site to let you know exactly who you are dealing with and where they are located. If problems then arise, you know definitively who they are, which is not always who they claim to be.

Significantly you would not buy goods or services from a web site claiming to be in the UK but based in Nigeria, anymore than you would enter into a transaction with a business said to be based in New York but is actually resident in Panama.

Entering the name of the website you are looking at in the box at the top of this page will give you the information you need to determine whether you want to make a transaction through the named web site. If you are unsure whether to proceed before making the purchase you can carry out further enquiries. Links to relevant sources of information appear at the end of each report.

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"Watch the little things; a small leak will sink a great ship."

~ Benjamin Franklin